Who Are We?

We are PAKSA MNL, which stands for Paghanga at Kwento sa MNL48. We are an upcoming media group that will cater to the needs of the MNL48 fandom to delve into the newspaper like facet. As an upcoming media group, we aspire to further release relevant articles and artwork that will showcase general appreciation and unique stories from the group and the fandom as well. In short, we are a media group founded and created by fans, and are for the fans as well.

What Do We Do?

As a media group, we are primarily catering to the news and journalistic needs of the fandom. We will be primarily covering relevant and verified MNL48-related content such as upcoming mall shows, events, member endeavors and others that will be considered worthy to be known by the fandom as whole. Furthermore, we will be providing insightful opinions on some of the hard-pressed topics relevant to MNL48, and at the same time provide informative yet entertaining feature and focus stories from MNL48 members and fans.


We shouldn’t also forget that we will also be promoting the creative prowess of fellow MNLoves through submission of literary pieces, artwork and other graphical edits. In the end, we envision to create a sea of content that shows the countless talents the MNLoves fandom has to offer in appreciation of MNL48 as a whole.

Meet The Team


Bosset / Social Media Handler / Graphic Editor

Kami-Oshi: MNL48 Sela


MNL48 Affiliations: Selaphim Center Flight Project, Seby Cult/Seby lubog

A Registered medtech and a self proclaimed artist, who loves MNL48.


Managing Director

Kami-Oshi: Hakooshi but please vote for MNL48 Dian


MNL48 Affiliations: MNL Lounge, Myulikools


Your resident Palamunin/Krayola in MNL48 fandom.

Teddy C.

Senior Editor/Correspondent

Kami-Oshi: MNL48 Alyssa

MNL48 Affiliations: Batangas48 (BTG48), Alyssa's Fairies


A graduating BS Biology student, former campus journalist and freelance writer, Teddy C. is a fairly new fan of the MNL48, officially joining on December 2019. Since then, he has been active in promoting the group through writings and graphical edits. His initial project was the free verse poetries dedicated to all MNL48 members, and more recently, launched the #MNL48Tribute Series where he showcases through album art edits of song covers done by current MNL48 members.


As a new fan, he hasn’t attended any form of MNL48-related events and is also new to the 48G system, but hopes to take a full grasp of it.

Kent Garcia

Senior Editor/Correspondent

Kami-Oshi: MNL48 Alyssa


MNL48 Affiliations: Alyssa's Fairies, Diankatsu, WotaSei


Kent joined the MNL48 fandom last October 2019. Since then, he is actively involved in the fandom while juggling duties as an IT employee in a BPO company during weekdays and as a correspondent for local football media outlet Huddle PH and a panelist on the Eat Sleep Breathe Football podcast. 

Most of the time, you'll probably find him fanchanting in MNL48 events and spreading the culture of active support to other MNLoves. Kent looks at PAKSA MNL as an opportunity to show his support for the group by doing one of the things that he loves: writing.

Reggie Abang


Kami-Oshi: MNL48 Jem


MNL48 Affiliations: MNL48 Appreciation Page

A Mass Communications graduate, Reggie Abang now works as a researcher and an Editorial Assistant for The Manila Times. He also writes articles in the said broadsheet, including ones involving MNL48 since 2018 at the "Aitakatta Gustong Makita" press launch.

Still new to the AKB48Group after joining the MNL48 fandom in 2018, Reggie is still learning not just the groups in general, but the mechanics and the fandom itself.



Kami-Oshi: Hakooshi


MNL48 Affiliations: None

A third year BS Library and Information Science student, NC is nearing one year as a fan of MNL48, officially joining in September 2019. Since then she has been active in promoting the group via sharing MNL48 related information and interacting with fellow fans on Twitter. PAKSA MNL is her first foray into journalism in general. 

She has attended 2 MNL48 events as of this writing and hopes to attend more in the future.

John Rabelas


Kami-Oshi: MNL48 Jem


MNL48 Affiliations: Team Pikajems, Dana Believers, Diankatsu, Laguna48


Having been hooked by Heavy Rotation back in the day, John has been a fan of the 48G for a little under 10 years now, having been blessed to meet his original kami-oshi, and cursed seeing two of his kamis graduate. MNL-wise, he actually started on the other side, critical of the early model, until flipping to the fandom in mid-October 2019. Making up for lost time by attending as much events as he can, the Psychology graduate and entrepreneur aims to atone for his sins and bring quality enjoyable content to the community.



Kami-Oshi: MNL48 Alice


MNL48 Affiliations: MNL48 MYX Voting Team

Being an anime lover and low-key Japanophile in general made Junejuly curious of MNL48 when she first saw the Aitakatta - Gustong Makita MV in November 2018. She then followed the group and became a fan a month later. Alas, the second SSK stopped her from being an active fan.


Nonetheless, she fully supports the group and hopes that votes and letters will be of help. For the meantime, she'll attend to her patients while pensively waiting for the Philippines to awaken.



Kami-Oshi: MNL48 Coleen


MNL48 Affiliations: None, just a random fan

Earian is a college student studying BS Mechanical Engineering and also a former Editorial Cartoonist in highschool. He became a fan of MNL48 after he remebered that AKB48 has a sister group here in the Philippines and when he checked them out, the newly released MV of Palusot ko'y Maybe combined with its center MNL48 Coleen got his attention and decided to be a fan of the group despite of having limited knowledge about the 48G system.

Bob the Builder


Kami-Oshi: MNL48 Jem


MNL48 Affiliations: Pikajems, GiarJans (not active on both)


Licensed engineer who found solace in the arms of MNL48 since June 2018. Not much active online but a regular event attendee.



Kami-Oshi: MNL48 Andi


MNL48 Affiliations: None, just a fan

A low-budget musician who, while trying to find new music to listen to, stumbled upon a girl named Andi somewhere on the internet. That made him go on YouTube and listen to Aitakatta. That's how it all began.

He is a rather new fan and hasn't attended any events, but wishes to experience it somewhere in the future.


Graphic designer

Kami-Oshi: MNL48 Gabb


MNL48 Affiliations: None, just a random fan

A BS in Accounting Technology graduate that is planning to study Accountancy in the future to fulfill her parents’ dream. Dzei dreamed of becoming an architect but ended up studying accounting. She’s a self-taught artist that loves to enhance her skills and knowledge in any thing that is related to art.

Dzei started supporting MNL48 since AGM (Aitakatta-Gustong Makita) era, as she got fascinated by the eyes of the girl named Gabb and by its passion in becoming an idol, without any knowledge regarding the 48G system but willing to grasp any of it.

Dzei, in spite of becoming a fan during AGM era, she hasn’t attended any events yet but plans to do so in the future.

Bryan Exel S.


Kami-Oshi: MNL48 Sayaka

MNL48 Affiliations: Dillynooters, Bataan MNLoves, Mindanao MNLoves, Megumis


Bryan Exel S. started the 48G obsession since the controversial Minami Minegishi crew cut, and it went down like a slope since then. A Liberal Arts (Language Arts) graduate, he developed a fascination with journalism from his Language classes. This lead him to joining PAKSA MNL to enjoy both his interests which is Journalism & MNL48. He is a Mindanaoan MNLoves who moved to Luzon for a year to get up close and personal with MNL48. Since then, has returned home to pursue Law School while working in the Academe.



Kami-Oshi: MNL48 Gabb


MNL48 Affiliations: None, just a fan

A former AB mass communication student-turned-kitchen helper, who is also a geek, cosplayer, events goer,props maker and karaoke contest singer. Yonacchi has also been a full pledged fan of Japanese idols since November 2015 and since then, she slowly yet steadily adapted the idol system especially the one from the 48g.

She started supporting MNL48, though in a low key manner, since It's Showtime days and fully embraced it following the 1st SSK up to the Aitakatta - Gustong Makita eras. She has been attended various MNL48 events since February 2019. Yonacchi is also willing to share her 48g knowledge to the new fans as much as she can, and giving insights on various rambles, idols included.



Kami-Oshi: MNL48 Gabb


MNL48 Affiliations: NBabycornz Head Admin, Member of Waddles, Member of 4’kHiNsZxC

A literary writer from Visayas who once got invited as a special guest to a fanfic writers’ event. She is a former DO assistant of the Discipline Office of the university she goes to. 

She’s been a fan of MNL48 since It's Showtime days (although she was a closeted fan before, not until November of the previous year).

She hasn’t been to any MNL48 events but she is anticipating her first event once she transfers to Manila.



Kami-Oshi: MNL48 Gabb


MNL48 Affiliations: None

Ly is a former 1st year BS Computer Engineering but shifted to BS Medical Biology after 1st Semester because Engineering makes her cry literally and figuratively. Back in Senior High she competed in an interschool writing competition.


She's been a fan of MNL48 since October of Last year. She hasn't been on any Events because of her busy sched in School and part time job.

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PAKSA MNL aims to be the main media platform in providing entertaining, informative, and insightful pieces made by the fans and for MNL48 fandom.

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