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3rd Gen Aspirant Spotlight: Charm Tosoc

Charmaine Tosoc is the latest MNL48 aspirant to brighten up the day for the MNLoves community, as she debuts on the KUMU app to introduce herself as a persevering idol.

The 18-year-old aspirant from Dasmariñas City started her live by dancing to the hit song of MNL48, Pag-ibig Fortune Cookie. After greeting the viewers, she then started to cook pancakes as a challenge while answering questions. Charm shared that her actual nickname was “Cham” and it was supposedly to be her idol nickname, but the management chooses to use “Charm” instead.

Her desire to be an idol was already in play since the First Generation but was not able to audition because she found out about it a little bit too late. During the Second Generation, she second guessed herself joining the idol industry thus preventing her from auditioning. Charm told the viewers that she channeled all her confidence to grab the opportunity to audition and was surprised to be able to pass and become an aspirant.

Charm describes herself as an unexpected person because she often does unexpected things. She likes to study hard, and according to her she usually finishes at least 5 to 6 science books and encyclopedias to prepare for school quiz bees and just for the sake of knowing more. Her biggest dream aside from becoming an idol is to be a veterinarian and to have her own veterinary clinic.

Her favorite MNL48 song is First Rabbit because it inspires her, and she wanted to be the center for that song. Her Kami-Oshi is MNL48 Sela and her preferred team is N4 or M2.

Charm performs dance routines for River and First Rabbit then sampled some of the MNL48 songs. She then ended her KUMU live with a total of 1227 viewers, 82.24K hearts and 131.4K diamonds.

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