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3rd Generation Aspirant Spotlight: Jelay Pilones

Updated: May 2, 2020

Former Pinoy Big Brother 8 (PBB) housemate and now MNL48 aspirant Jelay Pilones is the next aspirant to debut on the popular local live streaming app Kumu in line with the ongoing promotion of MNL48 members and aspirants in the upcoming 3rd General Elections.

Hailing from General Santos City, the 19-year old aspirant narrated her journey to MNL48 to the point that she genuinely feels “happy” on her journey to the group, citing that all of the members are friendly to her, both in person and on social media interactions.

Being a part of the reality show PBB was, according to her, one of those feats she felt difficult to overcome, given the overall nature of the show, full of physical challenges. However, she states on a positive note to always never give up, always keep pushing forward and just being yourself.

Albeit stating that she is shy, she hopes to change this attitude by being more vocal such as providing online entertainment (i.e. Internet video trends) and even providing advice to people when they have problems needing consultation. She is also a family-centric person, as she notes that they are her inspiration on her MNL48 journey, and even stated wanting to “switch lives” with them in order to know the struggle and hard work they do for her.

During the early minutes of the “48 Questions” livestream, she narrates being friends with current MNL48 member Lara Mae Layar, stating that she has always admired her beatboxing skills, hence she messaged her, asking how to learn such skill, and the rest was history. It should be recalled that MNL48 member Lara and aspirant Jelay auditioned for another Filipino television show Pilipinas Got Talent Season 5 where they performed beatboxing under the duo name “Queen Beats”.

Some details about Jelay range from both ends of spectrums, from liking colors with a lighter hue to shifting to liking horror movies, most notably World War Z. She states that 365 Araw ng Eroplanong Papel was the MNL48 song that she can relate to the most.

It should be noted that in the middle of her stream, she showed an interest in singing and music in general, as she performed an acoustic mashup of songs, including Binalewala by Michael Libranda.

The livestream lasted for almost an hour and thirty minutes, and accumulated a total of 307.7 thousand diamonds, and was viewed by 1385 users.

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