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3rd Gen Aspirant Spotlight: Lorraine Pingol

Determined to get out of her comfort zone, the 15-year old aspirant Lorraine Pingol is the next MNL48 aspirant to debut online at Kumu, the Filipino live streaming app used for the current campaign of other members to the impending MNL48 3rd General Elections.

A native of Plaridel, Bulacan, the aspirant nicknamed “Rain” expressed her general interest in performing as an idol, as she states that joining the audition process for new MNL48 members was one of her adventurous things to do.

During the duration of the “48 Questions” livestream, she said that she intended to apply during the 2nd MNL48 Auditions, but she was shy back then as a 14-year old girl. Despite these actions, she has made her way in the current auditions, where she states that meeting MNL48 members Brei, Alyssa and Coleen was one of her favorite experiences during the auditions.

She also expressed a strong desire for live performance, as she states that while being constantly self-aware of her appearance, she is determined to be strong and believe in your talents. She has also expressed her thanks for the numerous compliments and appreciations from the community itself for her aspirant journey.

When asked about her favorite MNL48 song, she cites First Rabbit as her favorite, which helps her boost confidence and motivation in her everyday actions. MNL48 member Shekinah Arzaga is her kami-oshi, and also looks forward to greeting other MNL48 members and fans. It should be noted that she also sang “Happy Birthday” to Team NIV Captain Ericka Joy Sibug (Ecka), to which coincided with the day she was live also later on Kumu.

Some notable details about aspirant Rain are listening to “Rainbow” by South Border, rosewood as her favorite color, and ice cream as her favorite food.

The live stream lasted for an hour and thirty minutes, was viewed by 1,245 users, and has accumulated a total of 157.5k diamonds.

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