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3rd Generation Aspirant Spotlight: CJ Dela Cruz

Before her 19th birthday tomorrow, CJ Dela Cruz took the stage as the fifth MNL48 3rd Generation Aspirant to make her Kumu live debut earlier today.

The aspirant hailing from Pampanga did not let technical difficulties and her first stream ending abruptly stop her from making a mark on her Kumu live as she went to introduce herself and show a glimpse of the capabilities to the fans.

Adhering to the 48 Questions format required for all candidates, CJ went on to discuss her favorites and MNL48 journey so far. She is fond of Korean pop groups such as BLACKPINK and Red Velvet and lists down playing basketball and volleyball as her hidden talents.

Furthermore, CJ also prefers climbing mountains, ice cream and watching comedy movies. She has a pet peeve towards persons that suddenly gets her belongings without permission. CJ is also a dog lover and has one as a pet.

She described her MNL48 journey so far as "uncertain" due to the unpredictability of the campaign so far. "Pag-ibig Fortune Cookie" is her favorite MNL48 song while she relates her current experience as an aspirant with the song "Talulot ng Sakura" since she is now slowly realizing her dream as a possible MNL48 member. She identifies Gabb and Sela as her kami-oshi and ni-oshi and wishes to be part of Team L if she gets into the group.

Love of performing and further development as an idol due to the 48G system is CJ's main motivation for joining MNL48. She also learned proper time management and alertness during her current stint as an aspirant, and is already treasuring all of her experiences in her quest to be part of the group from the auditions to her first Kumu live.

As a closing performance, she performed a freestyle dance cover of current single "High Tension". Moreover, she also answered more questions from the viewers. Her Kumu live ended in relative success, as she was able to get 114K diamonds, 46.12K likes and 1,195 total viewers.

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