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3rd Generation Aspirant Spotlight: Jana Angeles

It’s full steam ahead in the campaign period, and as the aspirants in the 3rd SSK of MNL48 start stepping into the small Kumu stage, Jana Angeles’ self-proclaimed small frame belied the big impact she delivered.

The 20-year old Manileña laid bare her story for all, answering the same questions as everyone else so far but mixing in interesting nuggets that would leave the viewers spell-bound. Relating stories ranging from setting up horror houses with her cousins to spiking her favorite dishes with a lot of chillies and loving cake, the shy but skilled songstress who can lay out melodies in her head breezed through the questions with effortless aplomb for someone who seems shy at first impressions.

Going to her audition stories, she talked about how everything so far has been unexpected, from both passing the auditions and to her current wave of popularity among the fanbase, as she was doubting herself at first, but accepting what she needs to work on and pushing herself to improve everyday as she loves to perform and is happiest around music. Talking about her favorite MNL48 songs, she mentioned that 365 Araw ng Eroplanong Papel’s message of pushing on resonated with her, and expressed a hope that one day she would be able to work with and learn from her kami-oshi in Sheki Arzaga, and that anyone wanting to chase their dreams should do it.

Going to her future hopes, she talked about still wanting to do music in a decade, hopefully having already put out solo material and expressed a wish to go to Tokyo to pay a visit to the Sky Tree. Despite her saying earlier on that she wished she could learn to show vocal range so that she could become a seiyuu, a jam session near the end of her stream belied that statement as she looked comfortable jamming to multiple songs from different genres including songs from My Chemical Romance, Paramore, MNL48 and even some OPM, though her favorite local song wasn’t among the hits. In closing, she thanked all the viewers and said that she can’t wait to have things back to normal so she can meet all the fans and thank them, while the fans responded well and sent out a little under 304 thousand diamonds during her stream time.

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