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3rd Generation Aspirant Spotlight: Jashmin Iballo

After a promising start to the campaign streams on Kumu last Friday, the hits keep on coming with 3rd generation aspirant Jash Iballo stepping into the spotlight earlier today. The 16-year old resident of Quezon City, who traces her roots to Ilocos Norte, got to show her stuff well during her stream, her modeling background being a big help.

Going with the theme of “48 Questions” for her stream, she revealed several facts about herself, including her love of K-Pop groups Twice and Blackpink, her fandom of Taylor Swift and love of the Magnus Heaven song Imahe, her love for going outdoors and being a friendly person. She also revealed that her kami-oshis in MNL48 are Gabb and Coleen, and talking about her experiences during the audition process, said that while she was nervous, she was motivated to do well and take her chance, wanting to have done so as early as the Showtime days, also quickly striking up friendships with fellow aspirants Aubrey, Klaryl, Jana and Charm.

With her favorite song First Rabbit in the background, she then talked about her dreams of going into the restaurant business and being a doctor, with it being her ways to help others and to spread happiness. While she also mentioned that she likes Pag-Ibig Fortune Cookie as well, First Rabbit’s message of chasing your dreams speaks to her, and while she wishes she was more confident, her never-give-up attitude drives her to do her best, whether in school, her activities like modeling and school theater, and now her journey in MNL48.

Wrapping her stream up, she then showed off her art skills by showing a sketch with a message to “chase her dreams” and thanked everyone for joining her, and especially the frontliners handling the current pandemic. Clocking in at just a smidge over 90 minutes and racking up a respectable 57.6k diamonds on Kumu, it can be considered a rousing success for her.

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