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3rd Generation Aspirant Spotlight: Kath Apduhan

Kath Apduhan starts another week of campaigning as the latest MNL48 Third Generation Aspirant to introduce herself via her Kumu live earlier today.

Armed with conversational wit, the 18-year-old Tourism student from Makati City not only unveiled her talents and abilities to the MNLoves community but also provided a positive vibe on her Kumu live debut. Kath's desire to be part of MNL48 has dated back to the First Generation era. She recounts her first two tries to be part of the idol group but failed to make the initial cut. Being a formal aspirant this year, she describes the current journey as "exciting" and hopes that it will help remove her bad habits such as waking up late. She describes herself as a "dreamer" and her desire to be part of an idol group counts as the main motivation to join MNL48. She relates the most to the song "365 Araw ng Eroplanong Papel", Sheki Arzaga is her kami-oshi and also has the group's songs as her favorite OPM songs. Moreover, she is also a self-confessed K-pop fan and also likes to dance to its songs. Her favorite color is black, like to play mobile games like PUBG or Mobile Legends with her cousins and dreams to center "Heavy Rotation" if given the opportunity. She also sees herself as a businesswoman in 10 years' time. Kath ended her live doing a sample of the famous "Alaala" TikTok video. In addition, she also belted out short renditions of 365 ANEP and "Talulot ng Sakura" which was her audition piece this year. The stream ended with 101K diamonds and 67.58K likes from 1,676 total viewers.

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