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3rd Generation Aspirant Spotlight: Klaryle Mercado

The week’s set of aspirant streams on Kumu for the 3rd SSK wrapped up today as Klaryl Mercado took to the airwaves to get us closer to her. The 17-year old from Bulan in Sorsogon, who describes herself as a sweet person, definitely lived up to her billing with a rather chill but informative and positive stream.

Tackling the same 48 questions format, the sweets-loving aspiring flight attendant spoke about her love of several things, including anime, Korean dramas and her fandom of MNL48 itself, bringing up the fact she’d learned about the auditions when it was announced and that she absolutely enjoys listening to Pag-Ibig Fortune Cookie, along with her being an Alice fan. She also talked about how she appreciates her family, with her seafaring grandfather being her inspiration to adventure when she was able to visit the ship he was on.

Talking about the audition process, she mentioned that while it was new to her, the thought of being in MNL48 inspired her to push on and provided her new motivation to better herself. She also knowingly talked about being able to use any potential platform she gets to set a good example for others, and reinforced her resolve never to give up on her dreams.

As she was wrapping her last set of questions, her answer of not wanting to switch lives with anyone else reinforced her sweetness and sense of self, seeing herself content with her path and happy to be where she is in her journey, especially now in her quest to be a part of MNL48. Despite some technical issues, her stream was received well, collecting a little under 112 thousand diamonds over the 90-minute timeslot.

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