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3rd Generation Aspirant Spotlight: Lyza Roxas

Lyza Roxas is the latest Third Aspirant Aspirant to introduce herself to the MNL48 community as the "Meet the Candidates" Kumu live campaign continues today.

Describing herself as a positive-minded person, the 19-year-old from Cavite did not show any signs of jitters in her Kumu live debut. Lyza shared her experiences joining different talent searches and dance competition prior to joining the MNL48 Third Generation auditions. She describes her current journey as an aspirant as an opportunity to reach her dreams and help her family. Furthermore, Lyza advised people who want to reach their dreams to focus, have commitment and maintain a high level of faith. Moreover, Lyza states that Gabb is her kami-oshi and lists "First Rabbit" as her favorite MNL48 song because she likes its message about fighting to reach one's dreams. She is a food lover and named Paotsin food, buko pandan and pizza as favorites, a fan of Adam Sandler movies and is a certified dog lover. Despite only standing at five feet, Lyza has high aspirations in her future career either as a public servant, accountant, or a dance choreographer. The aspirant also showed the full array of her talents during the live, singing a live rendition of Up Dharma Down's "Oo" and performing a dance routine which included hip-hop mixes and current single High Tension to close the Kumu live. Lyza's stream was able to accumulate 100.4K diamonds and 70.87K likes from 1,402 total viewers.

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