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3rd Generation Aspirant Spotlight: Miyaka Montoro

Miyaka Montoro takes the spotlight as the Third Generation Aspirant to close this week's MNL48 General Election Kumu campaign earlier today.

Despite signal issues present for most of the stream, the 17-year-old hopeful from Makati braved her way and showed MNLoves what she is capable of doing if she ever becomes part of MNL48. Miyaka described herself as an ambitious person and states that joining MNL48 is the most adventurous thing that she has done so far. In addition, she is also a fast learner and listed singing, dancing, rapping, and calligraphy as her talents. The aspirant also revealed her knowledge about MNL48, its members and songs through her sister who is a fan. She looks at her current journey as a blessing as it enabled her to continuously improve to be the best version of herself. Mocking from other people has been the toughest challenge Miyaka has faced in her campaign and admits to cutting ties with persons who doubt her in order to focus on being an aspirant. Green Flash is the MNL48 song that she can relate to since it channels a feeling of positivity in the aim of reaching her dreams. Her vision to be in the stage and perform with the current members is Miyaka's main motivation in joining the group. Listed in her long-term plans is to start a foundation for charity activities and improve as a performer. Miyaka loves eating and lists sinigang, glazed chicken, and banana que as her favorite dishes. She is also a avid movie junkie, especially Korean and Japanese films. Eraserheads' "Huwag Kang Matakot" is her favorite OPM song and even sampled a few lines of it in the live stream. Team NIV is the team where she wants to be part of and she revealed that she has no kami-oshi but has a lot of oshis instead. She finished the Kumu live doing various dance routines to the tune of K-Pop and MNL48 songs. Furthermore, she answered further questions from the viewers. The stream ended with 106.1K diamonds and 77.58K likes from 1733 total viewers.

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