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3rd Generation Aspirant Spotlight: Rachel Suazo

15-year-old Rachel Suazo unveiled herself to the MNL48 community as she was the first Third Generation aspirant to go live on Kumu as part of the General Election last Friday.

Hailing from Nagcarlan, Laguna, Rachel introduced herself to the fandom and showcased her talents in the live stream which lasted about one and a half hours. The aspirant sang and danced to different songs and also did some magic tricks. Moreover, Rachel answered queries from the viewers in the stream. She has been a staple of local beauty contests in her schools, and likes to draw as well. Violet is her favorite color, and she is a dog lover as well. She identified "Pag-ibig Fortune Cookie" as the most liked MNL48 song and has stated her excitement to meet the current members soon. Rachel was also asked by Team L member Thea Itona about her reasons for joining MNL48 and her willingness to be part of the group. The young aspirant stated that her main reason to join the group is to inspire others to show their talents, and be a role model to the youth. Furthermore, she vowed to do her best if in case she gets a chance to be a formal part of MNL48. The Kumu live was received warmly by the viewers, with 733,000 diamonds accumulated by the end of the stream. Rachel was also pleased with the reception of the fans and was moved to tears at the last minutes of the Kumu live.

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