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3rd Generation Aspirant Spotlight: Rianna Chua

On the second week of the MNL48 livestreams in relation to the upcoming 3rd General Elections, 15-year old Bhrianna Chua is the next aspirant to debut on the popular Filipino live streaming app Kumu.

A resident of Paranaque City, the Grade 10 student, aptly called Rianna for brevity, shows a strong interest in performing arts, particularly in modern dance and singing. She cites hip hop and Korean dance routines as her inspiration for her performances. During the livestream, she performed a total of six (6) dance routines, including MNL48’s newest single “High Tension”.

Aside from dancing, she also has the passion for singing, as during the livestream she performed four (4) song snippets, including MNL48’s “First Rabbit”, which she mentions is that one MNL48 song that she can relate to the most.

During the “48 Questions” livestream, she has mentioned about having the secret talent of belly dancing, and being always interested in performing to large crowds of people. She mentioned that the reason why she wants to perform for other people is because it is her passion to do it, seeing other people genuinely enjoy a performance.

She dreams of being a successful performer in the near future, a successful businesswoman, and a future interior designer. She even showed furniture sketches that she did, and has mentioned that her father is also an interior designer.

When asked on her journey to MNL48, she mentions that while she’s not yet an official member, she hopes to learn more about the group, their ups and downs, and their struggles. She mentions being very excited to be part of MNL48, and cites MNL48 Frances as her favorite member

During the livestream she gave a couple of advice, including trusting yourself and dedicating time to chase your dreams. She even stated that regardless of people not believing in you, believing in yourself can push through these boundaries. She mentions about retaining a “blank space” when performing, meaning that she doesn’t care about the first-line impressions of other people, as long as she finds happiness in her doings.

The livestream lasted for an hour and twenty three minutes, and has accumulated 211K diamonds and 1,904 viewers.

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