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AKB48 and STU48’s Okada chooses MNL48’s “High Tension” MV in a TV special

AKB48 member Okada Nana considers the music video for the carrier track of MNL48’s 5th single, High Tension, her favorite as it was revealed in a special television show in Japan last June 5, 2020.

In an appearance for “STU48 chooses! My Favorite Music Videos,” an STU48-centric TV special for Japanese music channel, Space Shower TV, Okada, also a concurrent member of AKB48’s sister group in Setouchi, chose the music video of it’s Filipino sister group as her favorite, along with “Dancing with my fingers,” a collaboration track of Jpop artists MIYAVI and Miura Daichi.

According to her, she was charmed by the appearance of Gabb Skribikin, the single’s Center, and revealed that the music video was a ‘feast in her eyes.’ “When I saw [the music video], I found the center girl, Gabb (Skribikin) is really charming and she has a beautiful face. Anyway I am feasting my eyes by watching that MV and it makes me happy. That's the reason why I choose this,” she said.

First released in 2016, High Tension was AKB48’s 46th (48th overall) single with alumna Shimazaki Haruka as its Center. It is also the theme song for the Japanese drama, Cabasuka Gakuen, also released in the same year, where Okada took part of it as one of the cast members.

MNL48 released High Tension as their 5th single last November of 2019, while its music video was released last February of this year. As of this writing, the music video just recently reached 1 million views on Youtube.

(Credits to bob_ryun for the English Translation)

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