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Baby Blue to release second digital single "Negastar"

Following the success of their debut single “Sweet Talking Sugar,” MNL48 unit group Baby Blue is now back to release their second digital single titled “Negastar.”

In a news release that was posted in MNL48’s website and Fanclub App, HalloHallo Entertainment Inc. (HHE) said that the second single of the idol group’s sub-unit will be released on November 25 with the pre-order period for it opened today, November 16.

A 60-second version of “Negastar” that will be available for 10 days was released in the digital music streaming service EGGS’ website today. According to HHE, “Negastar” will have a “different vibe” than Baby Blue’s previous single as it would become heavily focused on R&B with “full colors of hiphop”. “The second digital single will be far different from the previous single of Baby Blue [as] this would be heavy on R&B sound with full of hip-hop colors,” they added.

Baby Blue, composed of Jan Elaurza, Coleen Trinidad and Amy Isidto, first successfully launched “Sweet Talking Sugar” last September with flying colors after its music video made its Top 1 spot in MYX Philippines’ “Pinoy MYX Countdown” charts while the song and the group reached the same accolade in EGGS’ album and artist rankings respectfully.

Japanese idol group AKB48 has also promoted Baby Blue and "Negastar" on their Facebook page. Furthermore, fans rejoiced with the surprise announcement on social media as #BabyBlueNegastar has quickly made its way on the trending topic list of Twitter Philippines today.

The unit group is a joint project of HHE and Tower Records Japan and was planned to continuously release singles and promote them and their songs internationally with a nationwide promotion tour across Japan already on the cards once the COVID-19 pandemic ends.

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