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Contest for official MNLoves logo launched

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Aiming to find a new symbol of unity across the MNL48 fandom, a fan-initiated contest for an official logo of the MNLoves fandom has been launched last week.

Photo from: Skip Goat Twitter Account

The idea for a unified fandom logo came from Twitter user Mister K (@yourstrulymrk). In an interview with PAKSA MNL, Mister K stated that the reason behind the logo search is to "the possibility of unifying the different MNLoves fanclubs and fans through a simplified logo—a logo to which represents the entire group symbolically". He added that the contest is "also a great time for the expanding MNLoves family to showcase their talents in logo design and conceptualize their unyielding dedication to support to MNL48" amidst the current COVID-19 pandemic crisis. Mister K envisions the MNLoves fandom logo to be a symbol that "encapsulates the concept of MNLoves as a united family and fandom to MNL48 with a simple yet recognizable aesthetic". Other formal criteria for the contest are yet to be determined as he will be looking to coordinate with the idol group's management in this initiative. In collaboration with prominent MNL48 fan page Skip Goat (@SkipGoat), the contest and start of submission of entries was formally announced last April 20. Fans can submit their logo sketches via Twitter by tagging or directly messaging it to Mister K or Skip Goat.

A good number of entries from interested fans has already been received and taken note of in the past few days. So far, Mister K has found the entries to be "promising" and hopes for more MNLoves to participate in the project.

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