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EDITORIAL: Defying the tides of the past

It's finally the time to face the tides.

With MNL48 releasing the official music video for its sixth single RIVER tonight, it also marks a new era for an idol group that is aiming for glory in an unstable year, not only for them but for all of us.

2020 has been an ordeal with all of the unexpected setbacks happening around the country. The COVID-19 pandemic has blown out of proportion, forcing the planet to halt all things for a while, with a new normal forcing many to adjust accordingly and change their way of living resulting to individual trials. Natural calamities like the Taal Volcano eruption and recent typhoons like Rolly and Ulysses have wreaked havoc on numerous provinces. Famous and influential personalities through different fields have passed away.

MNL48 has not been spared from these struggles. After the High Tension era, which made its share of bringing mainstream success and recognition to the group, RIVER was looked upon as the single that will make the biggest impact since the platinum-certified Pag-Ibig Fortune Cookie, after it was revealed to the public last February.

Known as one of AKB48's breakthrough singles that pushed the Japanese idol group into super-stardom in 2009 including a top spot in the Oricon charts that same year, the morale and hopes of the MNL48 fan community were also pushed into an all-time high.

However, the pandemic derailed its plans, along with all of the group's activities that suddenly came into a standstill for a couple of months.

It almost came to the point that for some, it looked like MNL48 might eventually give in to the deep waters of uncertainty surrounding them. But the group refused to bow down to these circumstances and true enough to the essence of their upcoming single, they looked to move forward and proceed despite numerous trials.

Upon the easing of quarantine restrictions, the RIVER senbatsu members quickly went back into work to train for the upcoming single. In the middle of the pandemic, we saw an admirable display of grit and perseverance from all stakeholders involved to produce the spectacle that we will watch tonight.

RIVER has represented MNL48's dedication to soldier on and face the pressing challenges it has faced this year. More importantly, it also represents us. We should not only just stream or sing it but to take its message into our hearts and share this motivation to people inside and even beyond our community.

As a new era for MNL48 begins tonight, we look forward to unite as one and give the girls and the people behind it the best form of gratitude through an enormous show of support that it deserves.

History has shown us that everything is possible as long as we act and move forward with belief, and RIVER's iconic lines "you can do it" imply that there is no better time for us to break free from the chains of uncertainty and unite with one mission in mind than now.

We can do it.

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