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EDITORIAL: Forward is the way despite adversaries

The aspect of human progress throughout the test of time has been greatly defined by defying the odds. By building the stepping stones they organically set into place, they have built a foundation for themselves and in their lives -- to progress, to be widely known, to be loved and adored by many.

Such manifestation of human progress can be exemplified with what MNL48 has gone through ever since its conception in 2018. In the midst of the growing market in the local music industry, MNL48 is one of those that laid down the foundations of modern Pinoy pop music. With that feat in mind, the first idol group in the country has slowly built up organically a sea of fans that have taken to a liking of their charm, discography, and multitude of talents.

However, like all things that are bound to greatness, they are also prone to issues, like a properly-pressed cloth bound to get wrinkled.

Days after MNL48 concluded its Third General Election and after its virtual media conference last week, the old issue about the lack of compensation to the its members and the staff behind HalloHallo Entertainment (HHE) was once again brought up to attention by a certain “showbiz” show on Facebook. This caused, once again, a frenzy in the fandom. While some have voiced their genuine concern in solving the issue, others have voiced a rather controversial “choice” in deciding the fate of the group.

In the midst of such adversaries, it always fares best to voice out our concerns, and sometimes aspire what can we do to further improve and mend the situation. Of course, attending events, buying their merch, spreading the word online, and engaging in creative measures are the things that what we can call “standard procedures” within the fandom, but there is a definite line where we shouldn’t cross as fans of the group.

PAKSA MNL holds up to the belief of knowing that the issue, known for its heavy nature, is a matter discussed at a corporate level. Inasmuch as we want to act things swiftly, it all boils down to the management's decision, to which obviously we don’t have control of.

However, we will also be vigilant of whatever decisions they will be choosing moving forward with the group as these can affect not just the group’s reputation, but the welfare of the staff and the fandom as well. We also call for the management to take control, have accountability and act swiftly to have these long-standing issues to be attended and resolved at the soonest.

Furthermore, PAKSA MNL believes that wanting the group to disband is a direct paradox to what MNL48 holds up to in its vision: fulfilling the dreams of its members, including the trainees, and those who will join the industry afterwards. We also believe that there are options other than this that will prolong the idol group's staying power.

It is no-brainer to say the least that the idol industry, including ours which is developing until now, despite being demanding like other forms in the entertainment scene, has been always defined from its treatment towards the aspect of their artists' growth. Knowing that MNL48 has a system that follows its sister groups about ranking and exposure, it is fitting to say that wishing for them to break up doesn’t speak to what we wish for them to achieve -- a steady stream of development of their talents and personality, to which some have found within the folds of this Filipino-based idol group.

In the end, PAKSA MNL upholds its belief of wishing all the best for the group, and as fans, we will continue to contribute what serves best for the physical and mental welfare of its members, from merch sales to genuine messages of support.

Forward we go, despite the adversaries. #WeAreOneWithMNL48.

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