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Fans search for answers over lack of action as 3rd GE deadline nears

Due to glaring inactivity despite the voting period heading to its final week, several MNL48 fan clubs have publicly raised their concern about the idol group’s upcoming Third General Election.

Fan clubs Selaphims and UniGabb Fam has announced last night that they will temporarily put their purchases for GE voting codes "on hold" due to several feedbacks from other fans that their voting codes have not reached them after a certain span of time.

According to their statements released on social media, they have assured that orders and donations sent to them will still be utilized towards the General Election voting codes, adding that their efforts will not be wasted. “Rest assured, all of your support and purchases […] will be fully utilized for the 3rd General Elections. We will be making sure that no effort will be wasted, just as we have always been,” they said.

Furthermore, the administrators of Sela Guia’s fan club called on the idol group’s management agency, HalloHallo Entertainment Inc. (HHE), to be open regarding their plans about the fan poll, including setting feasible target dates and identifying difficulties that are causing delays. On the other hand, those who run Gabb Skribikin’s fan club are asking for everyone's patience as they are currently waiting for HHE's next course of action.

Another fan club, Yzabel’s Waddle, has also publicized their struggles in obtaining voting codes. In a tweet last Monday, they issued a gentle appeal to HHE for the release of the codes as they have already sent a representative to the agency’s office to tackle the concern yet the person in charge for the merchandise was not present to cater it.

These intensifying calls for action have come after an absence of any General Election-related update from HHE as the days slowly count down to the voting period’s supposed deadline on October 31, Saturday at 9 PM.

Contrary to the fan polls’ official mechanics, the preliminary result has not been released the past weekend which has earned the ire of some fans. Moreover, more complaints have surfaced on social media about not receiving their voting codes in their e-mail, with some saying that their orders were dated back last month.

Despite several speculations that the Third General Election’s voting deadline might be moved or delayed to a later date, there are no changes to it on the idol group’s official website and Fanclub App as of press time.

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