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HHE signs social media marketing deal with J-Bridge for MNL48

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

HalloHallo Entertainment, Inc. (HHE) has signed a partnership agreement with J-Bridge Co., a Japanese entertainment-based marketing company, to boost the promotions for MNL48 towards other Japanese companies within social media platforms.

In a press release by the company that was posted in several Japanese news websites, J-Bridge has stated that they will serve as an agent for the idol group’s marketing affairs for social networking sites and will provide support through marketing activities towards its potential business partners.

They also provided key points regarding their targets for the said partnership, which includes flexible posting of the idol group’s updates, endorsement deals and event guestings, availability in the local and foreign setting of the their promotions, as well as a proposal to optimize the group and its members in promoting different industries such as tourism and beauty.

“As of today, J-Bridge starts its support of marketing activities for business partners as an agent of SNS marketing for MNL48, the models of 'Cool Japan' project in the Philippines.” they said.

Established last January 2020, J-Bridge is an upstart company in Tokyo that develops business solutions in the entertainment field with the help of social media influencers while providing connections between Japanese and global companies.

(with translations provided by @bob_ryun via Twitter)

Here is the press release by the company via atpress.ne.jp :

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