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Jamie Alberto rules first-ever "MNL48 Miss HalloHalloween" pageant

It was a great Halloween night for Jamie Alberto as she won the first “Miss HalloHalloween” event organized by HalloHallo Entertainment and the ABS-CBN Content Development Group (CDG) last October 31.

Alberto was one of the 16 candidates for the said pageant who battled for the crown, including Tin Coloso, Andi Garcia, Emz Macabutas, Shaira and Shaina Duran, Thea Itona, Gabb Skribikin, Miho Nishino, Gia Muse, Klaire Presno, Lara Layar, Cole Somera, Yzabel Divinagracia, Princess Briquillo, Ice Bozon, and Nile Casitas. However, Briquillo, Bozon and Casitas withdraw their participation.

The Miss HalloHalloween pageant was streamed for two days in the idol group’s YouTube Channel, with Sheki Arzaga and Belle delos Reyes as emcees on the pageant proper. They first streamed the preliminaries the day before with the candidates appealing to their fans for votes, which can be cast through sending Super Stickers. Each sticker will correspond to a specific candidate.

On the pageant day proper, the 13 candidates showcased their Halloween-themed costumes, from Skribikin’s zombie-fied version of Jabami Yumeko of “Kagerui” to Alberto’s retake to her Tina Severo character from the MNL48 Presents series "Chain” to Layar’s catchy “Cereal” Killer costume to the Duran Twins' simple yet funny ghost attire. Garcia’s take on Valak from “The Conjuring” series made her nab the “Best in Costume” special award.

Alberto, Skribikin, Itona, Nishino, Muse, Macabutas, Somera and Divinagracia were then called to be the part of the pageant’s Top 8 who earned the highest number of Super Chat stickers earned. The voting was restarted for the Top 4 where Itona, Macabutas, Skribikin, and Alberto made it. A debate portion between the remaining candidates revolving certain Halloween topics was made before voting was resumed to select the Top 2 candidates.

Skribikin and Alberto made it to the final round where they went through a question-and-answer portion. Alberto won after getting the most number of Super Stickers. Both Delos Reyes and Arzaga provided entertainment for the event as they sang “Ikaw ang Melody” and “Dalawang Pag-Ibig Niya.”

Alberto thanked her fans in helping her win the pageant, while several of the participants are happy that the online event was made for their fans.

The pageant was sponsored by Stesso Clinic, Caronia PH, Sassy's Creation, Shimmy Beauty Lounge, Fairy Queen Cosmetics and MegRhythm Ph.

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