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Kani Games produce CMIYC mobile game for MNL48 Thea

Showing support to his kami-oshi Althea Itona, Kani Games launched CMIYC: Catch Me If You Can, an MNL48-inspired mobile game last March 30.

CMIYC is free-to-play and available on both Android and IOS system. It is played by guiding Thea catch her favorite sinker into the milk tea cup while avoiding the crystal ones. The game will only end when the player misses five pearls or catches the unwanted sinker. KaniBerin lead the production team as the main developer. Helping him out are Unimago who provided the graphics, and PolterFrances as the sound engineer. “Thea is my kami and one of the main reasons for making the game is for her publicity,” KaniBerin stated. “Also, having a game revolving around sounds like a good and fun thing for the whole community.” KaniBerin shared that the idea of making the application started after seeing lots of hyper-casual games in the market so he decided to make one for his kami-oshi. He initiated the program since November 2019 but was delayed due to personal reasons. He only worked back on it last March and finished it right in time for General Election season. The production team also shared that they will update the game in the future to fix some bugs and introduce other game options. “We have been reading some reviews and comments and have been discussing our next move to make the game better and alive.” Similarly, Kani Games also produced Egg Jumps, another MNL48-inspired game, last July. It features Sela who runs across the theater while jumping over the egg obstacles of various sizes. Egg Jumps is available in Google Playstore and will soon be released too for Apple users. In terms of creating new games featuring other members, KaniBerin bared that has no concrete ideas as of the moment. However, he and the rest of the team are open to suggestions for possible upcoming projects.

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