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MNL48 aspirant Yiesha Ungad will no longer join the 3rd GE; co-aspirant Lyza reacts to her decision.

MNL48 3rd General Election is almost here however another aspirant to has back out. First time aspirant Yiesha Ungad announced with a heavy heart that she will no longer join the said election to be part of the group due to her religion. She had mentioned before that she is a Muslim which caught the attention of some JKT48 Wotas which prompted her to also apologize to Indonesian fans for leaving the group and her dreams in her Facebook post.

Co-aspirant Lyza had also noticed the sad event and shared that despite not being able to meet her personally she felt sad because they shared the same dream and she was one who had shown potential to be part of the group. Since Yiesha will no longer join, she said that she will always remember her and will be part of her journey and dream.

WRITER’S NOTE: As much as we want to post their official statements here, we have decided not to for the sake of their privacy since it was posted in their private accounts.

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