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MNL48 Dana: IDOL Redefined

MNL48 Dana your Oshi babe idol that lives up to her role. As everybody knows, the world right now is experiencing a global pandemic and everyone is now on under quarantine, but this does not stop our Oshi babe from being the idol that we need.

On April 6, 2020, MNL48 Dana launched a fundraising campaign in her Facebook page dedicated in helping the frontliners who are tirelessly helping us fight this pandemic and for the people affected by the situation.

Dana released a short TikTok video showing her first wave of the fundraising project. She delivered relief goods to our frontliners and to the people in need. Her latest post for the project showcases the second wave giving us the highlights of her voluntary work. Buying boxes of necessary items and food, repacking all of it by themselves with Dana driving and delivering the packs redefined the meaning of being an idol in these kinds of situations.

Dana had the initiative to act and help the people in need even in her own simple way because she was observant of her surroundings and she knew that as an idol she could use her influence to do something about it. Through this project, it showed that Dana is not only a beautiful and talented performer but also a very dependable person having qualities of a leader.

During this pandemic, Dana pushed through just to help and also get the fans involved with the project. She is someone who is an inspiration to all of us not only as an idol you support but also an idol who is a beacon of hope and kindness.

Up to this day MNL48 Dana is still continuously giving effort in helping the community and our front liners through this fundraising project. Let us all continue to support her and her project until we get through this pandemic.

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