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MNL48 Joining the Talk of Politics

The topic of politics is one of those things that are very hard to handle especially if a personality is voicing out their own opinions about a subject matter related or connected to politics. As well-known people that have a lot of influence on different audiences, butting into the topic of politics can be the reason for someone’s rise in popularity or end of their career.

As the first Filipino girl idol group, MNL48 surely has enough fanbase demographic that will have different and opposing opinions about the politics here in the Philippines. Idols joining the talk about politics can greatly influence their fans in different ways. This could persuade them to support their idol in their political views, or this could result to the fans ending their support.

Now this raises the question, is it alright for MNL48 members join the topic of politics? As idols, the girls should be able to become role models not only for their fans, but also for the general public and the society. One way they can do that, is by voicing out their own opinions regarding socially relevant issues about the politics the surround us and our country.

With the girls being idols and citizens of this country, I personally encourage MNL48 members to show interest in politics and to convey their thoughts and opinions, because this just shows that they aren’t just talented idols, but idols that care for their country and its government.

Through their fame and influence this can encourage their fans and other groups of people to be aware of what is happening in our country’s politics, the same politics that affects all of us in positive and negative ways. Idols that display their courage to care and have opinions in this kind of things can inspire people to have their own views and perspective, that leads into healthy discussions and productivity that can benefit us all.

If people can have the right opinion in the right place, then it could result to them taking actions that would eventually lead to the betterment of this country and its politics. If MNL48 members can be a part of that, then they can truly become role models.

No matter what anyone says about their opinions in politics, there will always be someone who will oppose your views, and this is the same for the MNL48 members. If they try to share their political views there will always be someone on the fandom who will oppose them, but they should not worry about those things, because if the fans know the word respect, then they could have different opinions while still supporting their idols. They are going to be fine as long as they present their own views and opinions.

This is where the problem begins. As we know, MNL48 is also under the contract of ABS-CBN, one of the biggest media company in the Philippines. No matter how we view ABS-CBN, they are still an organization that has their own political views and agendas. Yes, MNL48 is a relatively small group for the company, and it maybe a stretch to say that ABS-CBN controls MNL48’s political views, but this does not erase the possibility of that situation.

For me, I would still prefer that MNL48 is to voice out their views and opinions about politics, because this would show that they are role models who cares about our country. If they stay true to themselves, and express their own opinions without being biased or controlled by other people, then they will always be welcome to join and talk about politics.

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in this article are those of the author and does not reflect the views held by the entirety of PAKSA MNL and fellow MNLoves.

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