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NEWS ROUNDUP: Guidelines for virtual HSE released; fans initiate promotional content on social media

The complete guidelines for the upcoming “High Tension” Virtual Handshake Event (HSE) on August 17 has been released by the MNL48 management through the group’s official Facebook account last Wednesday, July 22.

Notable details from the disclosed guidelines is the utilization of popular video conferencing service Zoom in all procedures of the event, from registration to the actual handshake. Usage of the MNL48 Fanclub App is also mandatory as it will be utilized in entering the handshake ticket codes to be used. There will be a limit of 10 tickets for initial use.

Fans are expected to manually disconnect the meeting once every handshake is done upon the signal of the member and staff. Furthermore, a separate meeting room for purchasing additional HSE tickets will also be available with PayPal and GrabPay as payment methods.

Tickets for the HSE are still available by ordering the High Tension physical album from the MNL48 Online Store (https://mnl48-online-store.myshopify.com).

While the management is busy gearing up for the upcoming virtual HSE, fans already took matters into their own hands to promote the group and their upcoming 6th single “RIVER”.

Some creative fans on Twitter have taken turns in producing concept posters for “RIVER” to spread awareness about the upcoming single. These works got positive feedback from the community and was used by fellow fans for promotional purposes.

Other fans took it up a notch by putting up a fan-made MNL48 promotional video as a YouTube ad. Reports of the YouTube ad started to appear this weekend and was later confirmed on Twitter by user Angie Natoyn (@angienatoyn) who kick-started the initative.

She also informed the next plan which is a fan-made promotional video for “RIVER” which will be made as a YouTube ad too.

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