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NEWS ROUNDUP: "Meet the Aspirants" Kumu campaign now in full swing; voting deadline moved to June 27

General Eection fever is now in the air inside the MNL48 community as the first full week of the "Meet the Aspirants" stream in Kumu has been completed the past week.

Fifteen candidates consisting of ten current members and five aspirants took their acts to the online app platform from April 20 to 24 as they introduced themselves to the fan community via 90-minute streams. Two members and one aspirant are slated to have their Kumu streams every day on different timeslots.

This week's streams also featured the new "48 Questions" format where the candidates answered different queries about them. It is divided into five categories: personal life, hobbies and interests, favorites, their MNL48 journey, and their dreams and aspirations respectively. Viewers are also given a chance to ask questions to the candidates upon giving Kumu gifts.

Furthermore, the idols are also required to do two challenges to showcase their other talents to the fans, such as cooking snacks, doing half-face makeup, and drawing illustrations. The viewers can also choose what challenge they want the candidates to do by giving specific gifts. The second challenge will be done by the candidate if her steam reaches the 50,000 diamond mark after the 48 questions has been completed.

Leading the way in the diamond count so far in the Kumu campaign is Team MII captain Alice de Leon who got 1.065 million diamonds in her stream last Wednesday, followed by Team NIV's Abby Trinidad with 1.033 million diamonds and Coleen Trinidad, also from Team NIV with 1.001 million diamonds. From the aspirants' streams, Rachel Suazo leads the count with 733,000 diamonds followed with Klaryle Mercado with 113,350 diamonds.

On the other hand, the deadline of the General Election's voting period has been moved to June 27 (Saturday) at 9 PM. This change has appeared last Wednesday, June 22 through the MNL48 app and the group's official website.

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