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We witnessed MNL48 embracing the spotlight once more thanks to an array of live appearances on TV within the span of 2 to 3 weeks. After months of inactivity, the girls returned to a familiar playground -- the ABS-CBN compound as they performed for the TV network’s shows, particularly for “It’s Showtime” and their Christmas special.

With that, the people who took the responsibility of taking care of the idol group’s relations with the network found out their potential especially in terms of pulling in their fans in order to watch them perform. This alone should also let them know its financial potential.

To tell you the truth, MNL48 is the only AKB48 sister group, with the exception of DEL48 and MUM48 who are both stuck in a limbo especially the former announced that they are on a temporary hiatus, who are not still fully mobilized in terms of activities such as Theater Stages. Almost all of its sisters, including AKB48, are now mobilized despite of the threat of the pandemic. I discussed in one of my previous columns that JKT48 is still mobilizing their theater activities despite the fact that Indonesia is one of the ASEAN countries who had the most number of COVID-19 active cases apart from the Philippines. This is in part of the efforts of their partnership with RCTI, a major media company that may be considered as their ABS-CBN.

If they could apply the same thing to MNL48, then it will be a win-win for not just them but also for HHE if they want to further strengthen their financial standing.

But why did I repeat this over and over again? Potential. The management, at some points, dismisses every opportunity to unleash the potential of something. Whether if it is came from members, esp. those don’t have the time for the spotlight or from things regarding their theater live stages and how to distribute them to those who are not capable to watch it or from the opportunities to “sell” the idol group further, they missed the moment of unleashing potential that might help them in a long run.

This year ain’t different. With the COVID-19 pandemic shuts off the doors of every opportunity for the idol group, MNL48 have been on a struggle to unleash its own potential. However, this didn’t stop them to do otherwise. With the release of “RIVER,” they unleash it on their own through their talents, and efforts made by several personnel from their media partner. All the latter needs to do is to go full swing, hence again the suggestion to let them know the financial potential the group’s fans has once they open up the livestreaming for their theater stages, the same thing RCTI did for JKT48.

We seen its potential unleashed during the selling of the tickets for the pre-show of the TV station’s pre-show. They are willing to buy it just to see them perform. I am hoping that they will do the same…or rather, they just did. I am hoping that they, including HHE, will see it further.

After all, when that happens, everyone wins.


2020 is a hard year for us and for MNL48. Despite of that fact, we should be prepared on what 2021 will give to us and the idol group. The girls end this year with the bang from “RIVER” and with optimism, and I am hoping that we do the same. So cheers for us who remain strong and faced the strong tides from the river that was in front of us.

Happy New Year! And take care.

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in this article are those of the authors and does not reflect the views held by the entirety of PAKSA MNL and fellow MNLoves.

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