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[Short Story | Fiction] New Year's Celebration

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

December 31, 2019, hours before the year end, I'm supposed to be spending the day with my family however the team has this trip in Japan and I can't miss it.

"Hi ma, how's the weather diyan sa pinas? Malamig ba?"

“Hi Nak, Okay naman hindi naman gaano malamig, diyan ba nak? Baka naman di ka nakakakain ng maigi diyan ah. Ginagawa mo ba mga sinasabi ko sayo?"

"Naku ma, miss na miss ko na nga yung luto mo eh pero kumakain naman ako ng maayos dito. And yes ma, ginagawa ko po lahat ng bilin niyo. How's the preparation for New Year ma?"

My mom stood up from where she was sitting, and showed me the food that they're making. My dad was prepping the table, and my siblings were prepping the dishes. It was kind of chaotic but it was fun watching them. I miss them.

"Ikaw ba nak kumusta ka diyan sa Japan?

I laughed a bit and showed her how chaotic the group was. "Ayan ma, nagkakagulo na din kami.”

She laughed and looked at me. "Nak ingat lagi ah, miss ka na namin dito, at lagi mong tatandaan, mahal na mahal ka namin”

I smiled as a tear escaped my eye. I replied ‘I miss you and I love you too' and ended the video call. That same time someone called me to help them prep the food for our new year party,

1 hour before New Year

Everything is prepared and we're just waiting, the team is starting up the music and started dancing, surely we're all having fun.

Although I'm feeling a little homesick, I do feel comfortable here, after all MNL48 is my 2nd home

30 mins. Before New Year

Some girls are eating already, and of course Sheki and Rans are in there too, and some are playing games, some are gathered in a circle and they're telling stories about their childhood. How I miss to be a child again.

“It's fun watching them right.”

I looked up to see who was talking it's Abby, the "Batas" of the Group. It's a funny moniker for Abby because sometime she's the one that messes things up, and she's not that kind of strict, and that's what we love about her. What I love about her…

"Hi Abby, bakit hindi ka sumama sa kanila?"

"Nabubuking lang ako" She said and sat beside me, I laughed a bit. “Ikaw, bakit di ka sumama sa kanila?"

“Na ho-homesick ako.” I said as looked at the overlooking and had a sip of my Yakult.

“I know the feeling.”

I looked at her; she's looking at the people inside the room having a blast while smiling, Dang that smile, that smile was the smile that got me hooked.

We talked about random stuff, like what would happen after we got back to the Philippines and what would happen with our careers in the next few years.

1 min. Before New Year

"Sela, Abby Tara na dito!" Sheki called

Abby stood up and offered her hand to me. I looked up to her, she was smiling at me so I held her hand and she pulled me up

30 secs. Before New year




They were counting the seconds down. I just looked at Abby while counting down. She's smiling, she really is having fun right now and so do l.

10 seconds before New Year.




I faced Abby and looked at her, intently.




I closed my fist, my heart is pounding so hard I can hear it beating. This is it This is the right timing I've been waiting for.

"Abby, I L-“

“1! Happy New Year!”

All can hear is the fireworks And all can feel is Abby's lips on my cheeks near my lips.

“I Like you too, Sela”

Well now that's a New Year's Celebration that I would never forget.

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