• Reggie Abang

So... what now?

As of this column’s writing, we still don’t have any word from HalloHallo Entertainment Inc. (HHE) regarding the updates for the incoming 3rd General Elections of MNL48, whether any updates regarding the distribution of voting codes, promotions regarding the event, nor preliminary results which according to their rules and regulations, should be revealed in a week before their “deadline,” which is October 31, 2020.

I am typing this piece on October 25, 2020, six days before the said “deadline.” And me, and the rest of the fandom, are still waiting for whatever General Election-related stuff HHE will post in their social media pages. We get that up until now, the handlers of the idol group are now promoting the new and incoming MNL48 Presents project "Pranks not Dead” but let us be real. The fans want updates from the fan polls because they are invested in it.

For six months since its cancellation of what supposed to be the final day of the said polls, which is April 25th, up to its eventual extension of the voting period, the fans are concentrating their energy, especially financial, to their respective kami-oshis despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, whether if it is self-produced or helping their respective fan clubs to prepare. However, HHE did not do anything from its end of the bargain.

So the question in everybody’s mind is, “What now?” What will HHE do? Are they going to extend the voting period? Are they going to postpone it for next year? Are they going to release the preliminary results? Are they going to provide easier options for us to get the vote tickets? We do not know unless we wait for another day, week or month.

If only HHE has a contingency plan.


“There are no “rich fans” especially in this time of the pandemic.” I wanted to say and elaborate this phrase, especially because this is connected with preparations for the incoming 3rd General Election.

It is indeed true that from AKB48 up to our own turf in MNL48, money is the name of the game when it comes to the said fan polls. Fans are investing for that single that has a voting ticket. It is a normal fanfare in every year no matter where you are, whether in Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, China or the Philippines.

But in these hard times due to the pandemic, having your own investment for the fan polls became harder than you thought, especially if you are working for MNL48’s General Election, where delivering the voting tickets went to almost impossible due to HHE’s logistical “problems.”

With that, fan clubs are working what they could to finance their plans for the General Election, particularly in buying those said tickets en masse.

These fan clubs have put ways for their fellow fans in order to help their kami-oshi achieve a rank in the general elections, or in MNL48’s case, stay in the group, no matter how small or huge it is.

The fandom itself consists of different people from different financial standpoints. Not all of its entirety are rich. Some are able to buy multiple copies of singles, some only one. It doesn’t make a difference, especially for HHE (financial-wise).

Take care and have fun.

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in this article are those of the author and does not reflect the views held by the entirety of PAKSA MNL and fellow MNLoves.

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