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There are many ways to show appreciation for our idols. For 'Popeye’, a full-time artist and a songwriter, it is through a trilogy of songs made for her, especially those who are for MNL48's Overall Captain, Alice de Leon. In a special interview with PAKSA MNL, he discussed his motivation behind ‘’Kapitan’’.

(Questions and answers here have been edited for grammar and clarity)

NC: How did you discover and fell in love with MNL48, along with how you came to admire Alice?

P: Uhhmm dun sa question mo nadiscover ko sya sa friends ko na nakikinig ng MNL48 then ayun nahook ako actually it’s not really my genre or style of music na pinakikinggan ko pero music breaks boundaries nga talaga

(On your question there, I discovered them from my friends who listen to MNL48 then there I got hooked. Actually it’s not really my genre or style of music I usually listen to but music really breaks boundaries.)

Naging fan ako ni Cap kasi I see na parang sya un girl version of me base sa personality and funny nya sa I-School and sa Tatlog vlog.

(I became a fan of Cap because I see that she is like the girl version of me based on personality and she funny on I-School and the Tatlog vlog.)

NC: What is the motivation behind the Kapitan trilogy?

P: Yung first song, Kapitan I sinulat ko sya nung nalaman kong gagraduate si MNL48 Faith and I realized lang na nakakapagod mag nurse, mag aral and mag idol. kaya gumawa ako ng inspirational song reminding her na wag syang sumuko sa dreams nya and andito lang tayo for her so thats how I came up with the idea and sakto merong #HaranaForMNL48 kaya I took the opportunity na mapasaya si Kap.

(The first song Kapitan I, I wrote it when I found out that MNL48 Faith is graduating and I just realized that it’s tiring to be a nurse, to study and being an idol, so I made an inspirational song reminding her not to give up on her dreams and we’re here for her so that’s how I came up with the idea and it just so happened that #HaranaForMNL48 was on then so I took the opportunity to make Cap happy.)

Kapitana I was released in YouTube on January 3, 2020. As of press time it has 3,679 views. Its lyrics portray that even if the singer isn’t able to talk to or see Alice often, seeing her happy is more than enough for them.

Kapitan III was released on Valentine’s Day 2020, also on YouTube. As of press time it has 2,625 views. A chill, slowdance song similar to K1 in melody, its lyrics portray the singer expressing his admiration for Alice and their willingness to follow her as a crew follows its captain and ship.

P: Kapitan III nilabas ko un nung Valentine’s kasi I felt na matutuwa sya pag may bagong song and this song is more like a slow dance vibe na love song Inuna ko un III kesa sa II kasi feeling ko mas maganda un Kapitan II. I’ll release that one soon.

(Kapitan III, I released it on Valentine’s because I felt that she’ll be happy when there’s a new song and this song is more like a slow dance vibe love song. I released III rather than II because I feel that II is better. I’ll release that one soon)

Popeye also has had the good fortune to be noticed by Alice. Apparently, she mentioned him and the songs in a Kumu live this year.

NC: What is the aim of the Kapitan trilogy?

P: Mapasaya si Capt. Alice. Yung lang wala nang iba gusto ko lang ibalik sa kanya un inspirasyon na binibigay nya sakin.

May mga nag tatanong din sakin bakit daw di ko inuupload sa Spotify, kasi I just do it for the love ayaw ko mag gain sa mga kantang ginagawa ko kasi para sa kanya lang talaga to and para sa mga sumusupporta sa kanya.

(To make Capt. Alice happy. That’s it nothing else, I just want to return to her the inspiration she has given me. There are those asking me why I didn’t upload them on Spotify, it’s because I just do it for the I love. I don’t want to gain from the songs I’m making for Alice because it's just for her and for those who support her.)

NC: Have you met/seen Alice in person?

P: Once *laughs*. Sa isang mallshow nila kasi super nacurious ako lalo ako nainspire kaya ko nagawa un Kapitan III.

(Once *laughs*. In an MNL48 mallshow because I was super curious and became especially inspired so I made ‘Kapitan’ III)

In the conclusion of this special interview, Popeye leaves PAKSA MNL with words of gratitude and wonder.

P: Maraming salamat ulit sa pag recognize ng gawa ko di ko akalain na mabibigyan nyo ng atensyon un gawa ko salamat ulit.

(Thank you so much for recognizing my work I didn’t think you would pay attention to my work, thank you again.)

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