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Take the Initiative

Entertainment industries and entertainment-based events are still not allowed in both the modified enhanced community quarantine or MECQ, and if possible, in the general community quarantine or GCQ. This includes MNL48’s future live events, including Theater Stages, Seitansai, Handshake Events, Mall Tours, and even their General Elections. Because of this circumstance, the idol group, and their management, will think of ways to provide entertainment for their fans.

Yes, those KUMU Lives from the members and the 3rd Generation aspirants are working fine, but these are just for the General Elections. How about the long run? Their fans do not know when will the MECQ or GCQ ends or extends.

Hallo Hallo Entertainment should have followed what AKS, now Vernalossom, is doing in this time of the coronavirus pandemic: the OUC48 initiative. In case you do not know what it is, AKB48 initiated OUC48 for the sake of their fans who were stuck at their house because of the said pandemic: by continuing their Theater stages, even their handshake events, right in the comfort of their homes through ZOOM, YouTube Streaming, and Social Media like Twitter. HHE should have the same initiative to keep the MNL48 1st Stage “Party ga Hajimaru yo” going. Of course, they can keep the KUMU Lives because they want to have the money to keep both MNL48 and HHE running despite of the MECQ or GCQ, but they should provide ways similar to OUC48 for their fans.

Despite of ABS-CBN’s shutdown due to the country’s Telecommunications Commision filed a Cease and Desist order, its TV Production Digital Group or TVDG continues to provide more MNL48 content for the fans. Knowing this fact, they also should think of doing what OUC48 is doing. By continuing its functions as the idol group’s media partner, they should consider the idea of streaming either the Theater Stage Events or their “No to Oshihen” Concerts or the “Living the Dream” concert to HHE.

This may be a long shot, but if TVDG pulls this one off, the fans will more likely enjoy staying in their homes during the pandemic.

Speaking of initiatives, the fans should also have the initiative to think of ways to provide support for their respective kami-oshi, esp. The General Election season is still ongoing despite of the coronavirus pandemic. While waiting for the codes for their voting tickets, they should grab the chance to use the Social Media to promote. This was proven effective in every General Elections including MNL48’s.

Despite of the ongoing pandemic, BNK48 continued on their General Elections, but in the comfort of their homes with the help of ZOOM and streaming. If HHE wants to continue on theirs, they should also do the same, but discarding the elimination of those non-ranked and providing the vote count from the preliminaries to the final day.

Fans really need to ponder what are they doing in the social media, esp. In terms of talking about MNL48, whether defending them against a different fandom or pondering the actions of one member. It is good that the group has this kind of energetic fans wavering their support or gave constructive criticisms to them through the internet, but there are times that it went borderline excessive.

Toxicity takes on any shape or form and can be everywhere. Social media is not safe, nor as an idol group like MNL48. The best way to combat it is either ignore it or accept it and became the necessary strength and not an excessive weakness.

Stay safe and have fun.

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in this article are those of the author and does not reflect the views held by the entirety of PAKSA MNL and fellow MNLoves.

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