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THIRD GENERAL ELECTION: Can Jamie Alberto’s "twincool" idol journey sparkle even further?

Jamie Alberto (Team MII)

2nd GE rank: 6th

Who would have thought that Jamie Alberto’s journey in MNL48 being a roller-coaster yet twincool ride was just in a span of one year?

The 18-year-old science geek from Quezon City was among the biggest shockers of 2019 when she took a skyrocketing ascension into the prestigious Kami-7 in the group’s Second General Election, whereas she was just a mere and an almost no-name among the then-Second Generation aspirants. Alberto’s instant climb to the rankings also caused widespread confusion and several questions that mostly could not be answered, and made a lot of fans surprised, shocked and unexpectedly overwhelmed both in real life and online.

However, a few days passed since the events that was transpired during the 2nd General Elections, the fans, including the new ones, learned that Alberto was actually an idol fan especially of the AKB48 Group and more interestingly, had a strike resemblance to BNK48 general captain Cherprang Areekul. Her first official appearance in the very first MNL48 Interactive Live episode as an official member was welcomed by many fans with open arms and full support, with most of them already began to include her in their oshi lists shortly after.

Nevertheless, she has been part of the senbatsu for “Ikaw ang Melody,” “High Tension” and the upcoming single “RIVER,” a testimony of proving her efforts to win over the hearts and minds of the MNLoves and the MNL48 community in general.

An unchained potential

Alberto exudes a persona, that according to Sheki Arzaga, is reminiscent to former member Faith Santiago’s antics: puns oozing with pure humor and perhaps heart-wrenching to say the least. It can be also noted that Alberto is like a ray of positivity in regards to wholesome contents, uploading travel vlogs, cosplay snapshots and more recently setting up an online pastries shop. Alberto unleashed an unseen skill – acting – when she took part of MNL48 Presents: Chain along with Jaydee Villaruel and former member Daryll Matalino last June. She was also engaged in various physical and online shows such as It’s Showtime and iWant ASAP to promote the group and their singles, to give a brief explanation about what MNL48 is and share their experiences as idols to the general public.

Alberto even participated in the contract renewal signing of the idol group with ABS-CBN alongside three of her fellow Second Generation Kami-7 members such as Arzaga, Abby Trinidad and Sela Guia, as well as Coleen Trinidad, Gabb Skribikin and some of the HalloHallo Entertainment staff last October 2019, signaling for more opportunities for them with the network, which includes various related web content done by the TV and Digital Group (TVDG). Moreover, she and the girls even performed an acapella version of "365 Araw ng Eroplanong Papel" in front of the network executives that mesmerized both the latter and the fans alike.

Implemented progressiveness

From his own observation regarding his current kami-oshi, Jamieows fanclub member Hugo Marcelo said that Alberto has been grown from being a Second Generation aspirant to a consistent senbatsu member starting from "Ikaw ang Melody" which marked her progression into one of MNL48's rising new members over the course of her first year.

"Nung nakita ko 'yung Instagram story ni Jamie, napansin ko na hindi siya confident nung first gen auditions. So naglakas-loob siya na mag-audition naman para sa second gen," Marcelo added. He also said that Alberto handles her growth by implementing her improved confidence as an idol whether on or off the stage.

Asked about what the fan club's efforts for Alberto's GE campaign, Marcelo then said that they are doing an online drive where fans can buy fan-made merchandises like shirts and photo cards that will be directly proceeded to the funds for the aforementioned. Aside from that, he also mentioned that they are promoting Alberto to other fans, both physically and online, in order to get to know more about her.

A meow-tastic output

Like several of the idol group’s members, Alberto has been predicted to be a sure senbatsu member and likely to remain in the Kami-7 spot as monitored and analyzed by the most of its fanbase.

But with the uncertainty of the results given, Marcelo personally predicts that she may be climbed to a higher spot for the Third General Election, something that can only be managed through the collective efforts from him and his fellow fans to make Alberto nab the said position despite of the circumstances due to the Covid-19 pandemic. "To all Jamieows and Jamie Neutrons, let's support our kami-oshi always. We may all be separated for now due to the pandemic, but once everything goes back to normal, let's go meet up for her in events! For now, let's all stay safe," he said.

When asked how will he campaign for his kami-oshi this General Election, he replied that he made a TikTok video about Alberto's idol journey so far and even attached his personal call to vote for her at the end of it.

Additionally, he also sends a wonderful personal message to his kami-oshi in this crucial campaign period, telling her good luck while wanting her to retain the spot that she earned during the last fan polls. "Sana makapasok ka ulit sa senbatsu, at siyempre 'di lang d'yan, pati rin sa Kami-7 para makita ka namin ulit sa 7th single after RIVER! Any rank is enough, basta makapasok sa 48 sapat na sa 'kin 'yun,” Marcelo said.

With a “meow-tastic” charm, sweet visuals, an amazing talent as an idol, laughable puns and a love of being a geek, Alberto marked her own to those who believed in her. But with the General Election heading closer, only the voting results will determine if her MNL48 journey will sparkle even further.

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