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THIRD GENERAL ELECTION: Is it time for Sela's Center Flight?

Sela Guia (Team L)

1st GE rank: 3rd | 2nd GE rank: 2nd

Sela Guia has been one of MNL48's most popular members since the group's inception in 2018. Her undeniable beauty coupled with performing skills and a charming personality quickly captured the hearts of many fans, establishing herself as an ace and prominent fixture within MNL48.

Despite having a huge fan base, Guia has yet to win a General Election. She came close in the last two years but fell short of the coveted prize, the latest being last year's GE finishing as runner-up to Aly Padillo. However, this year presents a different narrative as Guia is looked upon by the fans and observers as the main front-runner in the center race.

Continuing influence

Guia did not let up and sustained her momentum after the Second General Election, being a part of the senbatsu for the next singles which are Ikaw ang Melody, High Tension and River. Furthermore, she continued to be one of MNL48's staple members and represented the group in various local and international events, TV performances, and event guestings. Notable appearances include joining the MNL48 contingent in the 48G Asia Festival in Shanghai last August, headlining the first MNL48 Presents short film "20/20 Vision" with Ecka Sibug last February, and an acting stint in an episode of popular TV crime drama series "Ipaglaban Mo" a few weeks ago.

Fans attribute Guia's continuing popularity to her drive in giving the best in every performance or event. In an online interview with PAKSA MNL, the admins of Sela's fan club Selaphims mentioned Guia's consistency in performing and fan service as the main reason behind her popularity and growing fanbase. "Sela is really doing her best to reciprocate the love and support she receives from all other MNLoves", they said. In addition, they mentioned specific accounts of fans during handshake events who were surprised that Guia knows and remembers them.

Preparing for takeoff

With Guia undoubtedly being a favorite to win this year's General Election, the Selaphims have launched the #CenterFlight project in support of her campaign. According to the Selaphim admins, the idea for the project came from the fandom of 48G sister group BNK48 with the main goal of raising funds to fuel Guia's election bid this year and make her center.

Aside from the usual merchandise bundles being sold for fundraising efforts, the Selaphims also launched their own website earlier this year. Aiming to seek support and promote Guia to all interested persons in the online world, the website is filled with trivia and information about her.

The potential landing spot

Asked about the possibility of Guia finally making it to the center spot this time around, the Selaphim admins say that it's not assured yet despite her popularity. With that the competition is getting more intense every election, they're relying on their biggest strength as a fanbase that is working together to help Guia achieve her goals. They also dismissed the popular misconception about the alleged "rich fans" composition of their fanbase, stating that they "are all regular people, composed of employees and students".

As per what they did for the last two years, Guia's fans will do their very best to help her reach greater heights. With the uncertainty of the General Election results, they choose to rely on doing their best for Guia and her dreams coupled with high hopes and prayers. "We will do our very best. We believe in God's plan and perfect timing", the Selaphim admins said in the interview's closing statement.

Only the votes will tell if the timing is perfect and if the Center Flight lands on its desired destination by October. For now, the work continues for Guia and her fans to reach the goal.

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