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THIRD GENERAL ELECTION: What’s next for Gabb Skribikin’s fairytale journey?

Gabb Skribikin (Team L)

1st GE rank: 10th | 2nd GE rank: 12th

Known as an innocent yet persistent girl that always strives to do her best, Gabb Skribikin entered MNL48 as a young aspirant full of potential. Since then, the 18-year-old Pasiguena became a steady force in the senbatsu for the group’s first three singles while slowly building up a thriving fanbase.

Skribikin secured another senbatsu spot after ranking 12th in the Second General Election last year. After the fourth single “Ikaw ang Melody”, Skribikin was suddenly announced as the center for the fifth single “High Tension” last September. Little did everyone know that after the announcement, she went on a transformation that would change her MNL48 journey in a big way.

A sudden surge

As the “High Tension” era started last November, Skribikin suddenly adapted the “ikemen” idol concept which caught the attention of the public and the fans. Once a cute and innocent-looking girl, Skribikin changed it up by sporting a short haircut, hair highlights, and a new brand of angst to round it up.

Despite initial varying opinions from fans, Skribikin’s transformation turned out to be a success as it also grabbed the attention and was adored by people outside the fanbase. Many fans noticed the resemblance of the young idol to actress Kathryn Bernardo. Due to this, it was not a surprise that Skribikin’s confidence was given a massive boost and carried it over to various performances.

Skribikin coped up successfully with the rigors of being a center in the “High Tension” era with most fans noticing that she became more confident with performing on stage, notably excelling in dancing. Patrisha Ocampo, a Gabb-kami oshi and a member of UniGabb Fam, Skribikin’s fan club, shared the same sentiments. “Looking back, I can really say that she improved a lot. I think it's what they call getting out of the comfort zone”, she said.

Following the mainstream success of “High Tension”, Skribikin’s popularity blossomed along with it and her fanbase grew, making her one of MNL48’s most popular members. She currently has 244K followers on Facebook, 286.7K followers on Tiktok, and 98.7K followers on Instagram, with thousands of fans reacting and commenting on her every post.

Later on, another achievement went Skribikin’s way as she was announced to center sixth single “RIVER” alongside Abby Trinidad last February. “Sobrang nakakatuwa na back-to-back center siya kasi ibig sabihin nito more exposure for her, more opportunity for her to showcase na she’s not just about the visuals, na she got the talent and that she deserves to be part of the group.” Ocampo added.

Striking the iron

For this year’s General Election campaign, the UniGabb Fam released the “UniGabb Bundle” merchandise pack. The packs were categorized into three bundles that are specially handcrafted by Skribikin herself and her family.

The bundles include a printed T-shirt, fanarts, and a bundle covering both added with a special gift from the idol herself like a polaroid picture and/or a handwritten letter. The UniGabb Bundle’s second batch was opened last August and is currently accepting pre-orders.

How far is the next step?

Skribikin has been a consistent senbatsu member from the first two General Elections. Despite many observers already predicting Skribikin to finally make to the Kami-7, it cannot be ignored that the competition this year is tougher than ever. Asking Ocampo about her predictions for Skribikin’s ranking in the said fan poll this year, she said that her kami-oshi will cling on to her current spot, but also thinks that she might also nab one of the Kami-7 slots or possibly the Center position. “Sa 1st at 2nd General Election, laging nasa senbatsu si Gabb (Skribikin), and I'm sure na senbatsu parin siya for the 3rd General Election. I think she can make it to the Kami-7 this year. Personally, of course, I want her to center but she wants to give the opportunity to others,” she said.

Ocampo asks her fellow Gabb oshis that they will continue and join altogether support and love Skribikin since the young idol deserves it. She also left a heartfelt message to her kami-oshi, saying that she and her fellow fans will remain to support her. “Hi, Gabb! Thank you for all your efforts to make us happy, and thank you for not giving up. Know that I, and the rest of the UniGabb Fam will always be here to support and believe in you. Fighting,” she said.

With a large fanbase behind her back and an expanding popularity, there are no boundaries on what Skribikin can achieve in the General Election this year. Will this be a happy ending? We shall find out come the day of reckoning.

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