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THIRD GENERAL ELECTION: Will Amy Isidto’s sudden growth skyrocket her in the polls?

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Amy Isidto (Team L)

2nd GE rank: 25th

From her entry to MNL48 last year as part of the 2nd Generation Aspirants, Amy Isidto’s rapid improvement comes with both her skills and personality. Known for being “makalat,” Isidto has fished her fans through her playful character as well as her growing capabilities as an idol.

After ranking 25th in the last Second General Elections, Isidto participated in her first appearance in an MNL48 single as part of the Undergirls who sang “Gingham Check,” the coupling song for the idol group’s 4th single, “Ikaw ang Melody.” A year later, she will be part of the senbatsu lineup for their upcoming single, “RIVER.”

But the most achieving feat in her stay in MNL48 thus far was her inclusion in “Baby Blue,” a sub-unit-slash-collaborative project of both the idol group and Tower Records Japan. She, along with Jan Elaurza and Coleen Trinidad, has dominated the air waves of not just the local Philippine music scene but also in Japan with their maiden track, “Sweet Talking Sugar.”

Remarkable growth

From being an aspirant to being an official member, one could say that as time progresses, so did her skill as an idol. In an interview with PAKSA MNL, Sindrick Bulatao, an Amy kami-oshi, recalled how Isidto was already skilled, even before all of her notable improvements. “Likas na siyang magaling mag-perform. Lagi pa rin siyang kinakabahan, pero lagi niya nagagawa ng maayos,” Bulatao said.

Some of her fans also noted her “good-willed” personality towards her fellow members. “Ang nakita kong improvement sa kanya ay yung pagiging mature niya. Sa age niyang 17, marami siyang words of wisdom and encouragement na nakakagulat na nanggagaling sa isang bata,” Bulatao said.

Another notable mark on Isidto’s personality development is the way she carries herself in public. “Then, she was too transparent and real to the point that she showed her unfiltered self in front of the fans and the camera,” Neal Matira, another Amy kami-oshi, said. He also noted Isidto’s remarkable progression on self-control. “At present, she is still real and genuine, but now with polished self-control,” he said.

Isidto’s fan also noticed that she added her genuine and playful personality in her performances, which according to them, became one of her strong suits aside from her capability of making people happy. “Strength niya ‘yung dancing and singing skills niya sa totoo lang. Pero weapon din niya ‘yung pagbibigay niya ng happiness sa fans,” Bulatao said.

Despite of the said developments, Matira said that the Isidto that they know is still the same girl but rather improved. “The Amy (Isidto) we know now is still the same Amy we knew before, but a better version of Amanda Isidto,” he said.

Amynamics’ dynamics

In order to help Isidto secure a spot on the group this coming Third General Election, her fanclub, Amynamics, has launched their official merchandise, with two bundle options, in which fans will get photobooks, shirts, photocards, and more.

The selling ended last October 10, and fans have stated that the merchandise are worth looking forward to. “All Amynamics merchandise bundles were prepared and handled with the utmost care, and as for me, I am greatly looking forward to the shirt,” Matira said.

Aside from the support bundle, the fan club also celebrated Isidto’s participation in Baby Blue by launching a giveaway challenge for fans. According to its official Twitter page, the challenge will take place in Tiktok, where challengers will do the choreography of “Sweet Talking Sugar” and post it on the social media video platform. Winners will receive MNL48 merchandise as the prize.

Isidto’s promotion online does not only include merchandise selling, but also engagements on social media platforms. Although her fans are not that present on Twitter, Bulatao still attempts to make her name relevant among the fans. “I always make sure that fans are talking about her, especially on Twitter. Kahit ‘di man ganoon kadami ‘yung Amynamics sa Twitter, at least nagagawa naming maipakita ‘yung appreciation at support namin sa kanya,” he said.

Will the perseverance be rewarded?

According to Bulatao, Isidto is one of the underrated Second Generation members that has a small following. “Syempre, sa una, kaunti lang fans niya. Undergirls siya. Second year din siya na ‘di ganoon napapansin ng mga naunang MNLoves,” he said. However, it seems that her perseverance and passion has earned her the spot that she has right now.

As a message to Isidto’s fans, Bulatao implores them to keep on supporting her until the end. “Huwag niyong bibitawan ‘yung isang Amy Isidto kasi siya ‘yung member na ‘di rin bibitawan ang mga fans niya,” he said.

Asked for a message for his kami-oshi, Matira reminds Isidto that she is someone worth supporting. “Always remember that you are worth all the love and support,” he said. He also assured the idol that she will always have the support of her fans no matter what. “Whatever happens, Amynamics will always have your back! Aim high!” he said.

Seeing how rapid Amy Isidto’s improvement is, not only as an idol, but as a person as well, she will certainly be a member to watch out for this coming General Elections. Only the results will determine if she will achieve the dream that she so desires.

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