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THIRD GENERAL ELECTION: Will Gia Muse soar higher after her resounding comeback?

Gia Muse (Team MII)

1st GE rank: 28th | 2nd GE rank: did not rank

It's accurate to say that 2019 has been a year of great ups and downs for Guinevere Muse.

During MNL48's early days, she has caught the attention of fans with her visuals along with her acting and modeling abilities, performing skills and strong personality. The idol from Marikina reached rank 28 during the First General Election and was assigned to Team L but failed to rank during the Second General Election causing her temporary exit from the group. Days later, Muse came back to the group as part of the now defunct Team TGC that automatically placed her as a Research Student, or a kenkyuusei.

The comeback

Upon her return to MNL48, Muse took part on several events with the idol group, including their attendance during Coslandia 2019, where she participated in the Coslandia Girls Collection along with selected MNL48 members and fellow kenkyuusei who modeled clothes designed by Fancy Moi and Kana Mori along the runway.

HalloHallo Entertainment, Inc. announced in the idol group's website that Muse was promoted to the main group as part of Team MII last November, replacing then dismissed member Cess Labay. In her Facebook post, she thanked the people who supported her saying that she will become a better version of herself now that she came back as an official member. Months after the said promotion, she also nabbed a position in the senbatsu for the idol group's incoming single "RIVER", along with her short appearances in the MNL48 Presents series "Bye, Us".

Dauntless efforts

Muse's promotion as an official member of MNL48 has further motivated her fans to remain steadfast in supporting her. In an online interview with PAKSA MNL, Jesus-Ronnie Gorgonio Jr., a member of her official fan club, Giaverse, said that he was happy knowing that she was part of the 16-member senbatsu for "RIVER". "Gia wanted to be the center for RIVER. She had also stated that on one of the events before at sa ilan sa kaniyang mga posts before. Nung nalaman ko na nakasama siya sa senbatsu, I was surely happy for her, although not as the center but she got into the senbatsu of one of her favorite AKB48 songs", he said.

This is a far cry from the time Muse temporarily exited the group as Gorgonio remembers the shock and sadness he and his fellow fans experienced, but was replaced by great happiness and excitement when news broke out of her inclusion into the kenkyuusei ranks and eventually, back to the main group.

Gorgonio also said that since the Second General Elections, Muse was progressing on her improvements along the way, including her acting skills and how she gave fan service through her social media posts, even learning through trial and error. "I'd say she really improved a lot. Gaya nga ng sinasabi n’ya dati, she had to work on her overall skills as an idol - and she did", he said. He then added that he always told his kami-oshi in his comments to her social media posts to always improve herself, a sign of his support to Muse.

As for the fan club's preparations for the incoming 3rd General Election, Gorgonio said that they are still raising funds through selling merchandise like fan-made t-shirts dedicated to her but admits that the current Covid-19 pandemic posed a challenge for them.

Asked if what would be Muse's edge for the coming fan polls, he believes that she has more reasons why people should gave their support to her aside from her visuals and performance. "I can't really tell, but I believe Gia still got some good things up in her sleeves to get more support for the 3rd General Election", Gorgonio said.

Despite of those circumstances, Gorgonio still retains his support to Muse, saying that aside from being drawn to her personality, which according to him is "cheerful yet kalog, he was able to relate from her resilience and strong will, especially in terms of "being at the bottom".

"I've been where they were at - at the bottom. I tried din kasi noon na sumali sa singing contests, get into bands pero laging fail or backup lang ako, so I kinda feel for those non-senbatsu members. I see them in a positive way but I kinda relate. Gia, she's a fighter. Pag alam n’yang nasa tama sya, she'd stand firm", he said.

The outlook

Heading towards the Third General Election, Muse has been predicted to be a part of senbatsu by many observers within the fanbase. Gorgonio personally has no target rank for her because as he says, this upcoming GE is like an ocean, calm today, unpredictable tomorrow. But he hopes that she reaches the highest rank possible because of her and her fans' efforts this time around due to not ranking at all during the last General Election.

He shared a message for his kami-oshi, telling her that she will always aim for her dreams while staying in MNL48. "Raise your bow, aim high for your dreams! Let loose your arrow, to the future it'll fly true," he said. He also left a message to his fellow fans to continue their support for Muse.

With the progress made by Muse made since last year, the upcoming General Election will be an opportunity to not only reach a higher rank, but also become a more notable member of MNL48 and the votes will tell if she stays.

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