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THIRD GENERAL ELECTION: Will Ruth Lingat finally emerge from her metamorphic stage?

Ruth Lingat (Team NIV)

1st GE rank: 35th | 2nd GE rank: 21st

If there is a good metaphorical approach to an idol journey, it would be the metamorphosis a butterfly goes under: from being an ‘amateur’ performer to being a perfectly-molded idol. Ruth Lingat’s idol journey isn’t short of being likened to this change process, as she braved the test of time within her stay in MNL48.

While her time in the spotlight is shortly defined with her debut on the mellow single “365 Araw ng Eroplanong Papel,” Lingat proved others wrong by staying firmly within the grasps of relevancy of the group. From her social media interactions to her well-known acoustic song covers, her development as an idol is notable, albeit not much noticeable. And her fanclub, the RuthFever, will do in their power to help her push further past her metamorphic stage.

Refining the spotlight

2018 saw a fair share of Lingat’s development, as she ranked 35th in MNL48’s First General Elections, and was designated to the newly formed Team NIV. The same year saw some debut appearances of her in various MNL48-themed shows, including MNLaugh and MNL48 I-School. Her first stint in the group’s discography was in “Palusot Ko’y Maybe,” the coupling song of the idol group’s second single, “Pag-Ibig Fortune Cookie,” alongside Team NIV.

Lingat showed more time in the spotlight as she nabbed a Senbatsu position for “365 Araw ng Eroplanong Papel.” That same year, she ranked 21st in the Second General Election. And while things haven’t fared better for her this year, she was lucky to have participated in Team NIV’s Shonichi for the idol group’s first theater live stage, “Party ga Hajimaru yo,” last January before the COVID pandemic started.

After she and the rest of the Team NIV sang “1!2!3!4! Yoroshiku” for their fifth single, “High Tension,” she came back as part of the senbatsu for “10nen Zakura,” the coupling song of the idol group’s upcoming single, “RIVER”.

While she hasn’t been a part of any of MNL48’s recent digital shows to date, she manages to keep her presence online through updates on Facebook and Instagram Stories. But perhaps her most noticeable social media asset is her many song covers. From MYMP’s “Say You Love Me” to her famed cover of JKT48’s “Rapsodi”, her acoustic covers proved to be a hit not just amongst the MNLoves here in the country but also her fans in Indonesia.

With her singing talent and a dose of positivity sprinkled over, such idol properties will only be deemed valid with the upcoming 3rd General Elections.

Just a fraction of capabilities

Jesse Pancho, one of the admins of the RuthFever fan club believes that Lingat is capable of showing her true potential, noting that what most fans see are ‘just a fraction of what she is capable of.’ He also notes that talent was the prime reason why he supported Lingat in her endeavors within MNL48.

“During the audition days on It's Showtime, she is one of those who is considered who has 'no knowledge' in idol culture and was often looked down on for that reason. Although it's indeed an advantage towards the competition, for me it's not really a huge thing. I may not be a singer but I used to dance and if I am commissioned to judge a competition then I would look for what a performer can actually do more than what she knows in her head. And Ruth (Lingat) can deliver that,” Pancho stated.

To date, the RuthFever admin has been only focused on promoting Lingat through fan-made General Election campaign videos. Nevertheless, they maintain an online presence both on Facebook and Twitter, posting her social media updates and works that feature her such as fanarts, poetry and other tribute projects.

Will she finally emerge?

When asked about what Lingat’s rank will be in the upcoming General Elections, Pancho stated that they would like to keep it to themselves. “We can envision that she is staying but to envision a rank? We can envision a rank but we prefer to keep it to ourselves,” he said.

Pancho also said his appreciation for those who support Lingat within the fandom. “Thank you for the untiring support and believing in Ruth. Together we can make it happen,” he said.

He also delivered a short inspiring message for Lingat. “Stay passionate. Stay motivated,” he said.

Her idol journey, albeit barely noticed by the majority of the fandom, shows how much she had grown from her audition days to her present status. And while it seems she’s on the peak of her metamorphic stage, the upcoming General Elections can only tell if MNL48 is ready to see a new face for Ruth Lingat.

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