• Reggie Abang

‘Uniquely’ Memorable (Part 1)

Ever since democracy began, people have the right to vote for most of everything. Their votes act like a determining factor for every person, event, thing or opinion. They can either change someone’s position, whether political or structural, or someone’ point of view. Such freedom of voting can be exemplified with the existing elections within the 48G group, while the conservative elections can be muddled with issues or controversies amongst its scheme, it is no wonder that the Sousenkyo is one of the most anticipated events amongst the 48G system, as it determines a new phase in the group’s upcoming discography and performance.

As much as we are very much excited for the General Elections, we couldn’t help but also compare to international 48G groups, from AKB48 to BNK48, and now we are anxiously waiting for the upcoming MNL48 elections, which as we all know, has been the focal point due to its uniqueness across the 48G systems.

I don’t know if anyone called it ‘unique,’ nor even I don’t want to call it that way. What is so unique about 50+ or 60+ women (48 mainline members and 15 or 16 aspirants) fighting for not just the sweet Center spot but the right to be part of the 48 members of the Nth generation? We usually see this in every reality or survival show on TV. This is not a unique stipulation none the less.

Hallo Hallo Entertainment, Inc. (HHE) initiated this last year and it received a lot of backlash, especially after the elimination of several members that has lot of potential if HHE plans to unleash it. This put a dent to the Center run of Aly Padillo, who won the spot that time. Padillo’s time as Center for ‘Ikaw ang Melody’ is a great one considering that despite of it being sudden, she really adapts to it and grown through out the single’s run. But then again, what happened overshadowed her win.

Although the intent of HHE is there as they want to add new faces and talents in the idol group, the manner of eliminating “Unranked” members after the Election “killed” it as most of the fans are trying to save those who are in the group since its maiden voyage to the Philippine music scene in 2018. If I were HHE, might as well not include them in the Election itself and make them be a new group of kenkyuusei or research students like what Paolo Kurosawa did to the first batch in 2018. Or rather, not initiate an audition at all for N years until we need to.

An AKB48 Group General Election is meant to be memorable with careers changed because of a fan’s vote, making their sacrifice and money’s worth. But for us, the Election became a culling and HHE just passed us the Sword of Damocles that hangs above the members who worthy of not just one of the 16 spots of the Senbatsu or the Center of a single, but also worthy of staying in the idol group whose primary purpose is to make us happy while seeing them perform live. My description might be ‘grim’ for you, but that is what I see.

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in this article are those of the author and does not reflect the views held by the entirety of PAKSA MNL and fellow MNLoves.

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